Ambulanse M1 Special Seat

Ambulanse M1 Special Seat

The seat is used in emergency vehicles. The seat has integrated headrest, integrated 3-point belt and revolving base with capability of turn about 180° with blockade. The seat is available in regulated version by adjustment knob and with lifting seat. Such construction enables convenient work and jouney of ambulance crew. It is possible to mount the polyurethane or upholstered armrest with easy changing of the height. In standerd the seat is upholstered by poroflex which helps cleaning factors.

The emergency high back car seat was tested in accordance with the EU directives for the category M1: 76/115/EWG/EEC, 96/38/EG/EC, 74/408/EWG/EEC, 96/37/EWG/EEC. The test were made in Germany Institute DEKRA.

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Item number: AMBSM1

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