Mobile cordon

Mobile cordon

Lightweight, quick-to-install mobile cordon elements can be used for low-risk events.

They can be installed in a short time according to their low weight and easy mobility.

The design of the elements ensures that they take up as little space as possible when not in use and slid into each other during transport.

It is equipped with weatherproof protection, which provides corrosion protection for a long time.

For the provision of mass events used by the Budapest Police Headquarters


  • Tube cordon: 1100 mm × 2500 mm enclosure size
  • Vertical frame: with 250 mm × 37.2 mm tubular rods
  • Total weight: 18 kg or 24 kg

Hot drawn steel tube, arc welded, hot dip galvanized, according to MSZ EN ISO 1461: 2000 standard.

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Item number: 419_00S
Item number: 419_00

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