SwabTek Test Kit (Drug, Explosive) - SW_D001 / Type:

SwabTek Test Kit (Drug, Explosive)

World's Only Dry Reagent

  • Law Enforcement Grade
  • No Hazardous Liquids / Glass
  • Meets NIJ Standards
  • Low False Positives
  • Minimal Training
  • Results in Seconds
  • Lightweight & Ultraportable
  • Environmentally Friendly

SwabTek’s Cannabis Test Kit is designed to test for the presumptive presence of cannabis in an age where cannabis products are distributed in many new, unique, and discreet forms. Since a treated cotton-swab is used in the kit, it can be used to test for cannabis residue on any surface, and does not require a sample of plant material to prove the presence of cannabis. Thanks to this advancement, SwabTek’s kits can be used to detect cannabis in samples that could otherwise not be tested, like vape pens, creams, edibles, and surfaces such as tabletops and hands that have come in contact with cannabis.


  • Δ-9-THC
  • CBC
  • CBD
  • CBN
  • Marijuana
  • Industrial Hemp
  • Cannabinoids
  • Hashish
  • Ganja

Detection occurs in samples of plant material, oils, liquids, vaping pipes, vaping juices, gels, creams and edibles. Samples may be in various colors with or without odor.