SelectaDNA - Protection of individuals and property

SelectaDNA - Protection of individuals and property

Protection of individuals and property for SAFETY.

Not everyone can have a bodyguard… but Everyone can have SelectaDNA spray.

SelectaDNA spray cannot be washed, DNA-based (invisible to the naked eye) marking solution that is applied to the attacker's skin, clothing, bag, etc. avoiding, it stays there for up to 2-3 weeks, thus ensuring that the attacker can be identified in UV light.

Its main advantage is that it is not as harmful to health as certain gas sprays, the use of which can even have legal consequences.

To use: simply place the aerosol in the orange case, arm it, and blow it if necessary !!!

Packaging: for private and industrial use: police, security guards, night staff, shopkeepers, drivers of public transport, civil guards, inspectors, taxi drivers…

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