Mica ML601 hand lamp

Mica ML601 hand lamp

1W High-Power LED
Operating time up to 8 hours
Microcontroller operated dimmer
Emergency lighting function
ML601/602 has LED matrix for signaling

MICA® ML-600 is a robust and compact rechargeable easy-to-use-and-service flashlight. NiMH battery pack gives 6 to 8 hours of continuous operating time. The light output can be dimmed smoothly. Advanced electronics of ML-600/601/602 prevent deep discharge of the battery and indicate low battery charge. The ML-600 series lamps warn the user of low battery charge by flashing the light beam when there is 15-20 minutes of operating time left.

In addition to the main High-Power LED, the ML-601 incorporates a matrix of twelve red 5mm LEDs with a separate switch for signaling purposes and the ML-602 features matrixes of six red and six green LEDs, respectively, with separate switches for controlling either signaling light source. The signaling matrix is visible over distance of more than 1,5 kilometers. The housing is splash proof and equipped with a steel belt clip. Also available in NATO-green housing and in other colors.

Main fields of use: signaling lights for railways, marine & industrial use, fire fighting, military (NATO green), industrial & office emergency light, mining, construction sites, service & repair personnel, safety personnel.

POWER SOURCE: 6V rechargeable NiMH battery
LENS: Tempered glass 41,5 mm x 3,2 mm
CHARGING TIME: 1 h 45 min
ENCLOSURE: High impact polyamide
DIMENSIONS: Approx. 122 mm (H) x 64 mm (W) x 57 mm (L)

81 001 Ft
60 757 Ft

Item number: 12521_3

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