PA 300 Siren

PA 300 Siren

Manufacturer: Federal Signal Vama

One of the most frequent siren with 4 tones and airhorn sound as well as P.A. microphone. The shifting of the tones occures from the front panel of the device, therefore a DIN dimensioned place in necessary in the cabin of the vehicle.

The PA300 electronic siren delivers exceptional performance and durability thanks to its integrated circuits and silicon transistors.

This siren offers multiple features such as peak-and- hold and TAP II, which enables the driver to change the siren tone via the vehicle’s horn ring or any remotely mounted switch. The public address includes a system to remove interference that provides high- quality voice reproduction.

One version (PA300MSC-PTY) includes a Priority tone for clearing traffic from intersections.

VOLTAGE: 12-24 V
DIMENSIONS: 194 x 156 x 59 mm
WEIGHT: 2900 g

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Voltage: 12 V
Item number: 2020293

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