CHARGEABLE magnetic rechargable light KIT

CHARGEABLE magnetic rechargable light KIT

Water and schockproof
9 flashing possibilities
Maximal operation time is 60 hours, minimal is 5 hours
Available in red, yellow, blue colours
The set contains:
6 pc. signal buoys
1 pc. charger in car
1 pc.charger from the electric network
1 pc. mobil charging box

Illuminating vehicular signalization: traffic safety, emergency, device for accidents, accident area assignation

Inside chargeable battery: Lithium ion 700 mAh cca. 3.7 V (5+ years lifetime)
Dimensions: torch 11 cm (lenght)x11 cm (width)x3.5 cm (height)
Charging time: All 12 torches: 12-14 hours, 1-3 torches 2-6 hours

Operating time
In fully charged state the calculable operation times are:
1.pattern/ circling---4 LED illuminate simultanously: 9 hours
2.pattern/ 3 flash, break—16 LED illuminate simultanoosly:9 hours
3.pattern/1 flash, break—16 LED illuminate simultanously: 60 hours
4.pattern/rotating—8 LED illuminate simultanouly: 9 hours
5.pattern/SOS flash: 14 hours
6.pattern/ even illumination—strong:5 hours
7.pattern/ even illumination—pale: 35 hours
8.pattern/ 2 LED battery lamp: 9 hours 9.pattern/4 LED battery lamp:6 hours

79 794 Ft

Item number: BL-2000R2O
Item number: BL-ICS2018 (téglalap alakú)
Item number: MFR6P.C-YY
Item number: BL-2000R2G
Item number: JDFLR04003-B

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