LED, Magnetic Traffic Direction Sign

LED, Magnetic Traffic Direction Sign

AB-A4685 LED Traffic Direction Sign is made of PVC fabric. Two colors for LED can be chosen: Red and Yellow. This product has 5 Flash styles. Three AA batteries supply power and can work more than 13hours. It can be seen in more than 500m away when it flashes. As its size is not big (46*2125px) and can be rolled up, it is easy to take. Also with magnet on the back and several holes at the edge, it is convenient for mounting both indoor & outdoor, such as mounted at the rear of car by the magnet, tackled with the rope and so on. This style is durable and has good impact resistance, can be used no less than 3years with good quality. What’s more,it’s waterproof one,no problem using in rainy days.

Size:Width:46cm Length:85cm
Battery Number:Three AA batteries
Battery life:More than 13h
LED Frequency:1Hz
LED Size:Φ5
LED Number:30 LED
LED Color:Red
LED Flash style:have 5functions <-------->, ---------, : : , -- -----> , < --------
Materials: Cloth; PVC
Visible distance:More than 500 meters

9 487 Ft
6 642 Ft

Item number: AB-A4685

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