PolVis / Vis - FULL-MATRIX

PolVis / Vis - FULL-MATRIX

The PolVis Full Matrix is a versatile light-weight advanced variable message warning sign (VMS), designed for Incident Support Units, Motorway Patrolling Units, Emergency Crews and Maintenance Contractors. It enables Police and Fire-and Rescue Chiefs to improve safety and traffic control at danger spots on the roads.

The unit can be deployed on the move, at reasonable speed, allowing warning signs or directional arrows to be displayed immediately, when the emergency vehicle approaches to an incident.

High intensity coloured LEDs display pictures and text, in order to warn motorists of accidents and other dangers on roads, and to provide clear instructions to traffic. Traffic participants are also kept safer, and incidents can be cleared more quickly. PolVis can be installed to different types of vehicles, from normal cars to 3.5t high roof vans to 7.5t traffic management vehicles.

Dimensions (LxWxH): Complete unit 900 x 1000 x 150 mm
Weight: 43 kg
Working temperature:-20°C to +70°C
Protection class: IP 54
LED viewing angle: 20 – 23°

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Item number: 25141VM-T50-001

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