Federal Signal Vama presents the rechargeable and sequential Road Safety Flare, which incorporates a radio-linked network to switch automatically the flash pattern of each flare. Vehicles approaching to an emergency situation are guided by the light sequence of the Road Safety Flare. It is very easy to use, just leave the flare on the road, push a button and all the flares are automatically synchronized.

Type of battery: Lithium
Battery charge time: 5 hours
Battery Autonomy: 24 hours
Viewing angle: 360 degrees
Foot range between flares: Up to 10 meters
Maximum flares in a string: Unlimited
Number of flash patterns: 5

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Version: Two pieces
Item number: 2201060A
Version: Four pieces
Item number: 2201061A
Version: Six pieces
Item number: 2201062A
Version: Ten pieces
Item number: 2201060A-4

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