LED Warning Light  M Amber Permanent Mount Beacon M/TYPE TALL

LED Warning Light M Amber Permanent Mount Beacon M/TYPE TALL

Manufacturer: ThreeSixty

LED beacon embarking Solaris Technology, an advanced optical technology combining the latest generation LED diodes with a parabolic reflector to give a strong light beam where is needed most, on a wide angle, avoiding dark spots.

Equipped with a flash rate of 120 per minute, this LED beacon provides an outstanding light output, Day and Night, and is also low-energy consuming for a longer lasting life.

Robust, reliable and easy to install, this LED beacon is prepared to operate in high-vibration environments and for intensive usage ( >240/ month). Maintenance minimum.

It meets European and International Standards for Light Ouput and Electromagnetic interference : R65, R10/EMC. Especially recommended for road, truck tow, cleaning and service vehicules . Exists also with mountings : Flexible DIN, DIN, Magnetic.

Spare parts available.

Range: M

Technology: LED

Mount: Permanent

Voltage: 12-24 V(bitension)

Homologation: UN R65,UN R10, EMC


Dimensions: Ø :140 mm | h: 150 mm

Usage intensity: High usage >240h/month

Flash per minute: 120

Consumpion (Amperage average): 0,49A (12vDC), 0,29A (24 vDC)

Temperature: -30C to 65C

Accessories provided: bulb, cable

Warranty: 2 years

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Item number: 3TLP-02

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